Lets get your PC working again

East London PC Repairs know just how irritating it can be for the every one when the family PC says refuses to play ball when you ask it to. Home computers aren’t just Facebook machines; they’re a way of life that we cannot do without no matter how much you try– they often contain a […]

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How to set up a home network

East London PC repairs quick guide to setting up a basic home network. Most providers give out a router when you sign up to them. Unbox the router, plug it in, and switch it on. Wait for Power, internet, broadband Ethernet lights to come. This may take a couple of minutes when switching on/rebooting. For […]

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Top Tips – Backups

East London PC repairs deals with a lot operating systems that have had bad days , not been looked after or been subjected to viruses. While people, like Microsoft can’t tell you everything, here’s a tip that could save you a lot of trouble. When you buy a PC the operating system will held on […]

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